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On My Steps

Marybeth, Joe, and Can Man, live on the street outside a young couple’s home. How is it that they who have seemingly nothing are more at home than the young couple with seemingly everything? Home is a state of mind.

Within Kissing Distance

John and Jane have been happily married for a long time, but their dreams never really did come true when Jane was struck down with multiple sclerosis. Happily ever after is never what you think it will be.

Guessing Games

Josie’s family and friends revolve in and out of her head as she copes with the trials of her mother’s struggle with cancer and death. Josie is stuck in the middle of what everyone thinks she should do with her life and always seems to come last when it comes to getting what she wants. But does she even know what she wants at all?

The Secret Art of Gutenberg

Johannes Gutenberg went bankrupt several times trying to invent the printing press in an age where machines were considered ‘dark arts’ and his name was never even published in one of his books. Yet where would the world be today if not for his passion and drive in bringing mass production of information to the world with the triumph of printing the Bible?

Continental Margins

An epic comedy of tragic proportions — a full out farce of competing scientists with conflicting theories about global warming amidst a changing sea of East vs. Western cultures and the endless migration of people everywhere. Inspired by a cocktail party.